The bathroom is one of the rooms of a home that is possibly used the most. It is with that in mind that makes it so important that everything in it is in tip-top working order. If you have faucets or fixtures that are leaking, squeaking, spraying, or just not working, it is important to address them. It is always easier (and usually far less costly) to address issues when they are still small, rather than allowing them and the problem to progress and become bigger.

Handles That Squeak

The squeak in handles as you try to turn on the hot or cold water shouldn’t produce effects that make your hot blood run cold. Typically, a squeak in the handles can be remedied by a little bit of plumber’s grease. If the handles are starting to look old, or you feel it’s time for a change in look, it might be a great time to replace them as well.

Faucets That Spray

When an individual turns on the faucet, it is obvious that they want water to come out of it. However, it is important to be at least slightly picky about just how the water comes out. No one wants to turn on the sink faucet to wash their hands, and end up getting another shower as the faucet and water sprays all over. If you have a sink that is spraying everywhere, you can either call in a plumber, or you can use it as the opportune moment to redesign your bathroom, and contact Ross Brothers to do a smaller bathroom remodel or renovation project.

Leaking Fixtures

Water leaks can be costly, sometimes. While the slow drip, drip, drip in a bathroom sink might not seem like a whole lot of water lost, the truth is that it certainly can add up to a whole lot over time. Not only is this water wasted and creating problems with suggested conservation of water, a leaky fixture can add dollars and cents to your water bill. Leaks can also cause water damage and promote the growth of mold and mildew which can affect the health of you and your family.

No matter what, contact Ross Brothers today at (954) 361-6030 to get advice on how you can improve your bathroom; whether you need some simple updates, or a totally new look and feel.

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